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Web Design & ECommerce

It’s important in this information age to have a web presence on the Internet if you have a business.  It could be just for informational purposes where you have a few pages for your customers or potential customers that give them information on how to contact you or to learn about your business.  This can be accomplished with a hosted website or social networking tools like Facebook.  If you have a product to sell you may want to expand your marketing strategy and start selling products with a secured (SSL) shopping cart.  This will increase your sales potential with the ability of the search engine to index your products and rank them on browser pages for potential customers to view.  Whatever the need may be we can help you get that presence across the reach of the internet.  An example of some of  the services we provide are:

  • Finding Hosting Services for your Website Requirements
  • Securing Domain Names
  • Purchasing & Installation of SSL Certificates
  • Website Design Custom or Template
  • Logo Creation
  • Recommendation & Testing of Shopping Cart Software
  • Shopping Cart Software Set-up
  • Social Networking Set-up
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics Analysis