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Our team of highly motivated and skilled network professionals are here to help you with all your network needs.  Our experience in mainframe and microcomputing gives us the depth and versatility to work at any level by using innovative solutions to solve your business requirements.  By documenting procedures and simple day-to-day software modification steps for our customers and their support staff we save the client money and in turn we move them forward by focusing more on the health and security of their network and less on the routine maintenance of their changing office environment.

“Our goal is to create a cost effective plan integrating all the technology and resources that are available to us.”

If you are a business just starting up, we will design and implement the most cost effective network for your needs. If you are an existing business, we will help you assess your network, and implement a design optimizing performance, functionality, scalability, security, and price.  Some of our services we provide are:

  • LAN and WAN design
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Active Directory and Domain Design
  • Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Network Monitoring
  • Mobile Solutions & Integration
  • VOIP and other Telephony Solutions
  • Image Virtualization
  • Application Integration
  • Recommendation & Testing of New Software
  • Broadband Connectivity
  • Corporate Email Server Solutions
  • Routing and Switching
  • File and Print Sharing
  • Remote Access and VPN Solutions
  • Firewall & Security
  • Power Solutions
  • Help Desk Support
  • Documentation